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Beyond manufacturing ​

At Newplus, we take pride in everything we produce. Knitwear manufacturing is a piece of art. The connection of yarn and thread into rows and the passion behind are what make knitwear alive. With over 20 years of knitwear manufacturing experience for reputable designer brands, we are skilled in transforming your ideas into an art that puts in everyone's wardrobe.


Everything starts with the yarns, and we understand how important to have the right materials to start with. With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, we have built up an extensive sourcing network across China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Italy. No matter what yarn you are looking for, we will always be able to source from our supplier network. Some of our suppliers offer stock yarn services.


Developing quality knitwears is tough and requires extensive workload, we always works with our customer co-operatively to remove all the obstacles and ensure a smooth and consistent production quality.  Your ideas and thoughts might change over the sampling process, at Newplus, we offer multi-prototyping services with short lead time as quick as 7 days.  


Consistent high quality production is the key driver of our customer’s success. Our fully-equipped factory is located at the heart of the knitwear production base in Southern China. We have 50 sets of computer knitting machine range from 3GG to 16GG. Knitting, linking, pressing, QC inspection and package are all completed in-house. We have produced knitwear for designer brands from US, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore with low MOQ. 


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